Welcome to Sutton Hylton! Sutton Hylton’s founding goal is to curate art in an approachable, attainable, and readily available way. An out of the “white box” gallery concept that propels the concept of a digital art platform. Sutton Hylton is not your traditional gallery, but a new idea of how to sell, buy and experience contemporary art in Northwest Arkansas. There is no traditional representation, just simple selling and exhibiting art.  Sutton Hylton will have a continual living exhibit available for purchase that will be shown digitally, while also hosting physical pop up exhibitions throughout the region and hosting art centric events. We are constantly launching new artwork and new artists to our family! SH is involved in retailing art for public sale, art exhibitions, private events. We also offer services of commercial and interior design art consulting.  Sutton Hylton hopes to bring both collectors and interior designers together along with educating the public on how to buy and live with contemporary art.